• Penguin Books PowerPoint (PPT) Design

    Penguin Books PowerPoint (PPT) Design

    PowerPoint presentation designed for Penguin in order to showcase new released during late 2014.

  • ingo Wordmark / Logo Design

    ingo Wordmark / Logo Design

    Simple, punchy and memorable wordmark logo for technology-sector startup ingo.

  • Rio Tinto Performance Dashboard Infographic

    Rio Tinto Performance Dashboard Infographic

    An illustrative take on a firm’s Performance Dashboard, this infographic was created for British-Australian mining and […]

  • The Prince of Wales Pub Menu Design

    The Prince of Wales Pub Menu Design

    Very much of-the-moment, hipster-inspired, logo, branding and menu design for the Prince of Wales pub in Lincoln.

  • RBS Magazine Advert Design

    RBS Magazine Advert Design

    Single-page magazine advert design for the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

  • The Killing Hand eBook Cover Design

    The Killing Hand eBook Cover Design

    eBook cover design for The Killing Hand, a murder-mystery ‘whodunit’ by Andrew Bishop.

  • British Airways Adverts

    British Airways Adverts

    The adverts above form part of a print and digital campaign which aims to promote British […]

  • Chamonix First Marketing

    Chamonix First Marketing

    Leaflet and web banner designs for ski transfers firm Chamonix First.

  • Protect Yourself Against Ebola Infographic

    Protect Yourself Against Ebola Infographic

    In the wake of the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa, this infographic outlines what protective […]

  • The Gentleman’s Journal Magazine

    The Gentleman’s Journal Magazine

    Front cover for Mayfair-based lifestyle magazine The Gentleman’s Journal.

  • Phil Spencer’s Adding Value To Your Home Infographic

    Phil Spencer’s Adding Value To Your Home Infographic

    This cross-section infographic is based on facts and figures found in Adding Value To Your Home, […]

  • Green Party Marketing

    Green Party Marketing

    Marketing collateral for a Green Party debate on the future of Yorkshire’s economy which is being […]

  • Rainbow Tours Lemur Infographic

    Rainbow Tours Lemur Infographic

    An infographic telling the story of Madagascar’s most recognisable primate, the lemur…

  • Ariel (P&G) Infographic

    Ariel (P&G) Infographic

    An infographic for Procter & Gamble’s washing detergent giant Ariel, outlining seven laundry tips to live […]

  • UK’s Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels Infographic

    UK’s Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels Infographic

    Infographic designed on behalf of Hotel.info which looks at the ten most haunted hotels in the […]

  • Moortown Construction Marketing

    Moortown Construction Marketing

    Trifold leaflet and A4 folder with inserts for Bradford-based Moortown Construction…

  • FICO Infographic

    FICO Infographic

    Infographic created for analytical and credit scoring firm FICO, which examines the future of mobile banks […]

  • Yell Infographics

    Yell Infographics

    One of a series of seven infographics produced for Yell which aims to educate people of the importance of the internet…

  • Crowd Purchasing Branding

    Crowd Purchasing Branding

    Branding, stationery and web design for Harrogate-based Crowd Purchasing, which acts as a collective purchasing power to […]

  • Leeds Bradford Airport

    Leeds Bradford Airport

    Pop-up banner promoting the Yorkshire Premier Lounge at Leeds Bradford Airport.

  • 1926 Wood Flooring Infographic

    1926 Wood Flooring Infographic

    This infographic design was produced for 1926 Trading Co., a Northampton based firm…

  • PeoplePerHour Apps Infographic

    PeoplePerHour Apps Infographic

    This infographic was produced for online freelance platform PeoplePerHour and examines …

  • Heart Internet Advert

    Heart Internet Advert

    Earlier this year, Heart Internet launched a competition with a brief to create a brand new magazine […]

  • PeoplePerHour UK Freelancing Infographic

    PeoplePerHour UK Freelancing Infographic

    An infographic which examines the rapid growth of freelancing in the northern half of the UK […]

  • North Yorkshire LEP Infographic

    North Yorkshire LEP Infographic

    The York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) have…

  • Big Picture Consulting Prezi and Branding

    Big Picture Consulting Prezi and Branding

    Prezi and branding, including logo and app icon design, for Big Picture Consulting.

  • Ally Leaflet

    Ally Leaflet

    A6 postcard sized flyer for legal facilitator Ally. The design was done with the Royal Mail’s […]

  • Baby Lullaby Logo & Branding

    Baby Lullaby Logo & Branding

    Logo, branding and stationery for Brighton-based bedtime accessories startup Baby…

  • Electric Coffee Gig Flyer

    Electric Coffee Gig Flyer

    A gig flyer for Ealing-based coffee house Electric Coffee.

  • PeoplePerHour Celebrity Infographic

    PeoplePerHour Celebrity Infographic

    An infographic produced for online freelance platform PeoplePerHour showing …

  • Yello Story

    Yello Story

    A simple, yet bold and effective Christmas card design for communications agency Yello Story.

  • Kinetica Energy Branding

    Kinetica Energy Branding

    After a highly successful few months as a start-up, Inertia Energy merged with a rival firm […]

  • Always (P&G) Calendar

    Always (P&G) Calendar

    The images above form a small part of an online Facebook calendar campaign undertaken by Procter […]

  • Westfield Stratford Infographics

    Westfield Stratford Infographics

    This pair of infographics were specially made for the grand opening of Westfield’s…

  • Testing Planet Newspaper / eBook

    Testing Planet Newspaper / eBook

    The Testing Planet is a quarterly newspaper aimed at software testers across the globe. Not…

  • Charity Poster Designs

    Charity Poster Designs

    My father David Harvey is a tireless campaigner for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Having previously trekked […]

  • Stockupp Logo

    Stockupp Logo

    Logo for Stockupp – a personal project that aims to be the next big thing in […]

  • PeoplePerHour Prezi

    PeoplePerHour Prezi

    Prezi presentation for online job sourcing website PeoplePerHour. Prezi is a browser-based online presentation program and […]

  • Glasgow Magazine Layout

    Glasgow Magazine Layout

    A magazine travel feature focusing on Glasgow. This layout was designed for Here & Now Magazine […]

  • Rugrats Rugby Leaflet & Branding

    Rugrats Rugby Leaflet & Branding

    A5 leaflet design for Rugrats Rugby, a Leeds-based non-contact play programme for…

  • MAD Publications Branding

    MAD Publications Branding

    In 2010 I rebranded printer and publishing firm MAD Publications. This included a brand new logo […]

  • Test Ninjas Logo & Website

    Test Ninjas Logo & Website

    Logo, website, adverts and other marketing material designed for Test Ninjas; a community for freelance testers. […]

  • Oxford Summer Courses Brochure

    Oxford Summer Courses Brochure

    2012 Prospectus for educational experience organisers Oxford Summer Courses…

  • TP Digital Logo

    TP Digital Logo

    I developed this logo for brand new media firm TP Digital. The brief for the design […]

  • Chukazi Magazine

    Chukazi Magazine

    In 2008 I jointly founded a brand new international publication – Chukazi Magazine. As Head Designer […]

  • Casa Espresso Branding

    Casa Espresso Branding

    I designed a range of products, including business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, a table menu, pavement […]

  • GRID Bradford Leaflet

    GRID Bradford Leaflet

    An A6 double-sided landscape leaflet design for the Bradford GRID community business initiative. Comment on me […]

  • Corn Exchange Logo

    Corn Exchange Logo

    In April 2011, the Leeds Corn Exchange launched a competition to design a brand new logo […]

  • Joint Epilepsy Council Website

    Joint Epilepsy Council Website

    This website was created for Leeds-based charity the Joint Epilepsy Council. It features…

  • FrontEndFire App Logo

    FrontEndFire App Logo

    Logo, app icon and stationery for web and app developer FrontEndFire.